June Gloom

June holds a lot of exciting birthdays for us, my daughter, nephews, brother, and my grandpa. We took this photo a year ago as we said goodbye to him after his 90th birthday. I knew. Guys, I KNEW it would be the last photo my girls would have with him. I knew it would be the last time I would see him and be able to kiss him. He passed away last fall.

It’s so weird to say goodbye. I will forever remember leaving him as his penthouse elevators closed. The last glimpse of his adoring blue eyes. I will always remember his yellow sweater and sweet tears as he told me he would visit me in Hawaii, when we both knew that wouldn’t be the case.

June holds so much meaning. This time last year we said goodbye to our condo that our girls grew up in. Then goodbye to the beaches of St Pete that we will unlikely see for a long time if ever (best sand in the world, sorry Hawaii). And goodbye to this man who is celebrating in heaven this June with my grandma.

Grief is weird. It’s sneaky and knows no rules. I picked up a Christmas candle I found in my closet yesterday that smelled liked Colorado. I closed the lid and slammed it down quickly as memories and emotions flooded me. This guy came to mind and I needed to honor him today. This is how I chose to do that.


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