Today is our Hawaiiversary! We left Colorado on 8-07 and arrived on the island on 8-08. The area code here is 808. Eight is my favorite number and it also means new beginnings, coincidence? I think not. God is incredibly intentional. Exactly 11 years ago this week we were on the islands touring with a band Pablo was a part of. I was pregnant with our firstborn Bella at the time. We left and Pablo said, “We have a purpose in Hawaii and I think we will be doing something there again someday”. My response was “NOPE”.

I wanted my life to look a certain way and I tried everything in my power to make it so. I was constantly looking for meaning while trying to carry out all of my own plans.

Yet, God was asking me was, “would you give all of that up for me?” I always said yes, but my heart and actions said no.  For many years I prayed and
told Him I would do whatever it took to get out of our dessert season, but always said no to Hawaii.

I limited His power and ability to do what He wanted no matter where I was. Because how could He fulfill my dreams and my desires in Hawaii? You know that guy, the one who created the Universe and in the most powerful being, yeah Him. I couldn’t fathom how He could.  All I ever wanted or thought I ever wanted was what I planned for us in Colorado, but He had more.

This last year has been full of personal growth beyond measure. My faith is larger than I could ever have imagined. Our God is FAR more capable than I wanted to ever give Him credit for, and the surrender of myself has opened the doors to a heart filled with purpose and vision.

The road was tough. I spent many nights and days crying and wondering if it was all wrong. It’s frickin expensive here. The bugs are AWFUL. Ew, there is no reason why I should know so many types of ants. Those aren’t even the grossest things I’ve seen here!  GAH!

In July I finally felt something click into place. I finally saw all the work God has done in the past year, in my marriage, in my girl’s lives, in my health, and in my ministry.

Anticipating bigger and crazier things to happen in years to come! And for the first time in my life, I can say I can’t wait!

A special thanks to my counselors Nichole, Dena, and Rebekah, and for all those backing us in faithful prayer, you know who you are.

Also, to our best friends and pastors who believed in us before we ever did, trusted us to step (more like pushed me) into their ministry, and gave us a place to grow (and live for 2 months). I didn’t believe this whole clock 8:08 thing until it started happening to me in the last few months. 🤦🏼‍♀️ If all of the other things didn’t confirm our placement, well now the stupid clock does too! 808 🤙🏼🍧🌴🌺🌈🌊🦎🐜


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