Little Garden

Earlier this week I was sweeping off the patio, or I should say lanai? Ok, I was sweeping off the lanai and I glanced up at my daughter’s beloved fairy garden. What was once a beautiful little place any tiny Tinkerbell would love to take residence, is now cluttered with knocked over furniture and half dead flowers. I looked to the little 9-year slumlord and questioned what happened to the once magical little garden home. I asked her if she has been watering her flowers, and this was her response “No, I keep forgetting. I think its too small. If I had a bigger garden I would see it and remember to water it, so I think I should get a bigger one.” Insert all the wide-eyed and laughing emojis in the world, I mean, it took everything in mean to not outright laugh in her face with a big HAHAHA! Don’t judge me…I didn’t actually do it, I just thought about it.  As all you parents know, these small things are a great measuring stick to how our kids will respond to bigger responsibility.


I could not help but get absolutely rocked in my own heart as I reflected on this conversation with my daughter. How many times have I said, “God if only I had a bigger platform to influence people. If only I had more money I would get out of debt. If only I had more time I could g,et more done. If only I was skinnier then I would then eat  healthy.” If only, if only, if only. Basically, I was saying, “If only I had a bigger garden THEN I would take good care of it”.

Scripture says this in Luke 16:10, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

How many times have I squandered the opportunity to be faithful with the small things? Like buying the necklace I wanted instead of putting the money away in savings. Or mismanaging my time by scrolling through social media instead of writing or investing in my relationships.

I can say that when I do apply the responsibility to the small things I can see how much more is given to me. How could we ever possibly ask for more or think we deserve more when we are so careless and negligent with what has already been given to us? We are often times too prideful and blind to realize that we are negligent with what we have. So let’s step up the care and intentionality for what we do have.

Take great care of what you have, not solely so that you can GET more, but more so that you can GIVE more, DO more, make a BIGGER IMPACT and CHANGE lives. Stop sitting and complaining, take care of your garden daily, be faithful in the small things, there are so many larger gardens waiting for you!


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