We can cast our own identity when we come into agreement with lies. -Sam Cabra

I’ve never wanted a “career” by definition. When asked in high school which career I would be choosing for the “career” essay I answered that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I was then told that is not a career. I couldn’t write about that, I had to choose something else.

Though this may sound primitive to some, it was the one thing I was sure of most my life. In college, upon picking a major I chose elementary education. While passionate about kids, I was not passionate about teaching. I settled and never followed my heart.

After teaching for 2 years I had my first baby and chose to be an at home mom, my heart’s passion!

Two weeks after having her I was asked multiple times when I would return to work. I received many confused comments by people, “You can’t help make any money at home”, “what about when your kids grow up”, “how can you stand to be at home, aren’t you going to go stir crazy?”.

I feel like there are many negative words I have accepted in my life over the years. This being only one area in my life I allowed others to speak into. Things people said about me and my desire to stay at home then felt like I failed. Doing this often looked lazy or unambitious to others.

So while most of my friends are demanding equal pay and respect in the workplace, I have been fighting the same battle for my position at home.

I wish I could go back and talk to that teacher of mine (who is a woman) and explain why I wanted to stay home. To tell her that my heart knew the importance of this calling even if I didn’t fully understand it yet. Her questions and comments caused all kinds of self-doubt. In her well-intentioned talk with me, all I heard was “your heart’s desire is not valid”. It began the “oh maybe this isn’t a real job” echo in my head for years.

I’ve fought hard this last year to stay at home with my kids because it is my passion. I said yes to my health which unlocked so many years I believed I was going to be fat forever and that’s just the way it was going to be. I finally came into agreement that I was made for more, worthy of more, capable of more. Health coaching is a gift that allows me to stay at home and speak into others who want more freedom to do what they were created to do.

Stop limiting yourself and picking up the lies people say about you, YOU were created for more. Also, be careful what you say about yourself! Speak life into yourself and into others around you!


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