Today my purse was stolen. I loaded up the girls in the car before church and ran back inside for something. I heard screams from our girls like I have never heard before. I ran back out and Bella was yelling “a guy just stole your purse” while pointing up the street. Lili was already halfway down the street screaming in the direction he went. She’s my warrior princess. They all are! They are so brave and FIGHTERS.

A man had entered our carport, approached the passenger side where Bella sat, said “hi” and snatched my purse from her, then he drove off in his car.

He stole my Micheal Kors purse that I got on sale with a gift card, Lulu’s sippy cup, my brand new AirPods, credit cards, debit cards, insurance cards, my Colorado ID (😭guess it’s time I commit to the state of Hawaii), my brand new nice lip gloss, sunglasses, I could go on and keep listing items…but my kids are ok, and that’s all that matters.

What he didn’t steal was my peace. I am rooted in something, SOMEONE, that provides endless love and peace.

Philippians 4:7 says, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

I have no understanding for this Peace, for this Calm I feel. I am shook, my kids are too, to say the least, but I am not going to live in fear. That is no way to live.

I will do it so different next time. I will be more cautious and careful. I will look at people a bit different, my trust in humans is not the same today as it was yesterday. This picture I just took as I sit in a parking lot next to a park of homeless people. I usually take a picture of our gorgeous ocean views, but like this post, I want to show you a different view of this paradise island. It’s filled with concrete, crime, drugs, and human trafficking, just like any other place.

Many people don’t understand why we came here. They joke about “missionaries in paradise” and laugh. It does sound crazy. So let me be VERY clear…

THIS is why we came here. We came here to spread LIGHT and HOPE in the name of Jesus. We came here because we were commissioned by the King to do His work on earth. We live in a lost and broken place. With lost and broken people. The whole world needs hope, where we used to live needs hope, your town needs it, but this is the place God called us to for now to spread it.

We constantly have opportunities to show grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, and peace. This painful event is an even greater opportunity to do just that.

What happened today shows us exactly what we believe in the spiritual world…There is a Thief that wants to come INTO our homes, to use our kids as innocent easy targets, to ruin marriages, create addiction, to distract us, and sway us from the Truth. We can choose to let him win OR take back what is ours. We must pray for our kids, marriages, minds, and seek truth.

God reassured me today that He would replace what was stolen from me and then more. He wants you to know the same. What the enemy has stolen from you He will replace and give you more.

“God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered.” Deuteronomy 30:3

No abusive relationship, sour ending at a job, bad news from the doctor, or financial woes will ever be too much for Him to restore. The battle is not ours, it’s His.

Don’t be discouraged. Its ok to be sad and angry, I am. But hold on to peace. We know Who wins in the end. Peace and love, and keep spreading light friends! I love ya ✌🏼❤️


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