Warrior Women

The word warrior is my word of the week. It pops into my head when I feel anxious about my purse getting stolen last week in my garage out of my childs lap. I’ve been thinking about what warrior really means to me as most of the time I dont feel like a warrior at all. There are most definitely things I am “fighting” for in my life. Yet, the words warrior and fight dont seem to go together to me right now. Theres a more quiet and daily battle going on.

There were many years when I felt so defeated as a mom. I remember raising babies and feeling like I was not contributig a thing to society. I litterly tended to everyones needs and yet longed to make a difference in the world. What I didnt see was that I was doing a holy work in the small things. Being a warrior doesnt always mean agressive action and a fight. Sometimes it means contending through connection, obedience, and consistancy.

As a mother I am contending for my kids daily when I show them how to pray for our enemies that hurt us, when I walk into the garage that scares the poop out of me now, and when I choose to eat a chicken salad instead of french fries. THIS is being a warrior. Moving through our emotions, as slow as that may be somedays, but continuing to press forward.

 In the last week alone I have spoken with a mom who warred for her daughter by taking her to the urgent care on a Saturday to battle a virus. Another who had to celebrate her sons birthday a day early becuase she had to hand him over to his dad and step-mom for his real day of birth, despite the 9 months plus labor and delivery she endurred to give him life. One more strong mama who is sleep training her twins…enough said. And a warrior mom who didnt have a car so she loaded up her 5 kids on the freaking city bus to show up to our church on Sunday to recieve a word from God and show her kids that life can be tough but she is tougher.

THOSE women are warriors. YOU are a warrior. They are all around us doing simple things day in and day out.

Every sippy cup filled with water. Every diaper changed. Every kiss after school. Every phone call to the school for on going bully issues. Those are our battle grounds and THOSE are our hard and holy choices daily we make to contend for our familes and their hearts. Being obedient to where God has you or where He is asking you to go next his powerful. Loving and caring for your kids is a heavenly love.


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