Last week my daughter hurt her foot. It wasn’t a big traumatic event, just a fall on the playground while she was running. I told her stay off of it and not run at school in order to let it heal. She didn’t. The pain got worse. A week later unable to walk, it turns out my mom instinct was off on this one. It was fractured. The doc put her in a walking boot, but told her to take it easy.  If you know this child of mine at all, you know she is VERY active. She walked at 7.5 months old, is the alpha twin, and the one who attempted to chase down a felon after he stole my purse. Yeah, her. This isn’t her first broken bone.

Last night she was aimlessly doing laps around the couch in her boot and crutches…why?  Who knows…she’s 9, so crutches are fun? Before bed she was in tears, her foot really hurt. After praying for healing and a dose of ibuprofen I reminded her that she has to be a part of this healing process. She wants to be better and pain-free but she is not resting. After the doctor said a cast wasn’t necessary, she proceeded to jump over a puddle in the parking lot this afternoon…. LANDING ON HER BOOTED FOOT. Why does the grocery store parking lot seem to be a common place we moms lose our cool?

This past week, by no coincidence whatsoever (that’s how God works), I’ve had multiple conversations with multiple people who are doing the same thing as my daughter. In the areas of health, the heart, debt, or relationship healing. We are broken people. All of us in need of healing. We have to be active participants in our healing. We cannot run and jump on an unhealed broken foot. We cannot pray for healthy bodies and sit on the couch eating chips and ice cream every night. We can’t pray for restored marriages and harbor anger in our hearts for our spouses for what they did and didn’t do. We can’t ask God for physical healing and not trust Him as the Healer.

Until we participate in seeking counseling, or walk through forgiveness, or letting go of the past, or putting down the junk food, or trusting that God is WILLING and ABLE to heal, we aren’t participating.

Sometimes we don’t know where to even start the healing process. In John 5:6 it says, “A man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, “Do you wish to get well?”. I will let you read the rest of this passage of you don’t know how it ends.

Is God asking you, “do you want to get well?”

Something I will definitely be asking a certain little 9-year-old a lot the next few weeks!


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