This little mushy is growing out of the side of our church’s truck. This resilient fungi showed up the day after a week long rain here in Hawaii. It honestly took me back, I laughed and was also blown away. I mean, of all the grass and open yard it could grow, it landed in this little crack on the side of an old rusty metal truck.

I’ve heard people say grow where you are planted but I’ve never liked it. Mainly because I would like to believe that we have the free will and power to choose where we plant ourselves. But in reality we don’t always. Often times we are in a tough job, living a small apartment with our kids, serving in a foreign country, or fighting cancer we clearly didn’t ask for.

These are the places we grow. We think we need the ideal setting, full banks accounts, the perfect job, to be married, or a beautiful big house to have the room to grow and change. It’s just not so.

God has you exactly where you need to be. In the waiting, in the pain, and in the long suffering to GROW despite your surroundings and circumstance. We often do not have the power to chose, and that’s the beauty of surviving adversity. The beauty of flourishing in submission to Gods will.

Grow little mushrooms, God can do anything, in any type of space and surroundings, with tight and seemingly not ideal conditions and circumstances. It will not always be this way, but be faithful where you are. 🍄


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